James Cameron - Production Notes and Rosegarden Screen Shots


Production Notes

The diagram below shows the technical process used to create the final file. See the legend on the right for the colour coding.

  1. a piano is used to create multiple tracks in Rosegarden,
  2. subsequent tracks can be created while Rosegarden plays the previous tracks,
  3. Rosegarden can play the tracks through either the piano, the sound module or the software synthesiser (qsynth),
  4. the digital audio is recorded into a file, from any of the three sounds sources (piano, software synthesiser, sound module),
  5. the file is trimmed, faded, normalised or equalised, using the audacity digital audio editor,
  6. the file is compressed using oggenc, resulting in an Ogg file ready for distribution,
  7. files in the distribution folder that have been updated are transferred by the rsync program to the web server on the internet, for people to download.

Main Window


Matrix View


Notation View